Design Revolution Road Show, Design Revolution, Project H, Emily Pilloton, Airstream design, road show, design road show, design tourThe Design Revolution Road Show’s mobile exhibition will be housed in our 1972 Airstream trailer. The 36 products and design projects shown below have also been featured in the book Design Revolution. Products will be on view at every stop for visitors to experience, use, and touch. Each product is a smart design solution to one of the following eight issues (the 8 categories in the book): Water, Well-Being, Energy, Education, Play, Food, Mobility, Enterprise.

The exhibition will be open to the school’s students, teachers, administrators, and passers-by at each stop. View our itinerary to see when the Design Revolution Road Show will be rolling into your town!

Adaptive Eyecare

Liquid-filled, custom-fit affordable eyeglasses

Adiri Natural Nurser

A smarter, more user-friendly baby bottle

Antivirus Cap

Cap device for safe disposal of needles


Transportable solar pasteurization pouch


Toys for the mentally physically impaired

BOGO Light

A buy-one-give-one solar flashlight program

Brita Water Filters

In-home water filter pitchers


A better prescription bottle, by Target

Giant Microbes

Educational plush toys inspired by germs

Soccer Tape

DIY soccer balls, made from tape and paper

Enabling Devices

“Switch” devices for children with learning challenges


A cleaner wood-burning food-cooking stove

Paraguas Project

A plastic bottle-shredding device for craft enterprises


A user-friendly kitchen fire extinguisher


A water-saving toilet top

Jaipur Foot

An affordable prosthetic for landmine victims

Lifesaver Bottle

An army-grade filter and water bottle in one


A point-of-use water filtration device

MAT Touniquet

A tourniquet operable using only one hand


A set of portion control bowls for healthier eating


An tactile toy for children with cerebral palsy

Montessori Toys

Creative playthings from the Montessori school

NYC Condom

A dispenser for free condoms in New York City

OneTouch UltraMini

A pocket-sized user-friendly blood glucose monitor

OXO GoodGrips

Smart kitchen tools for everyone


A portable solar charger for your handheld devices


Safe footwear for landmine detection teams

Subtle Safety

A self-defense ring for women


Braille learning blocks for the visually impaired


A storytelling game for Iraqi refugee children

Hippo Roller

A water transport barrel for the developing world

Treeblocks Math Kit

A reclaimed wood math game system


A foot-treadle step-powered mobile generator


A long-wheelbase rugged wheelchair

XO Laptop

An affordable laptop for networked learning


Naturally sweetened water for kids


Solar panels inspired by foliage

Voting Ruler

A student assessment classroom tool


A handheld wind-powered charger

Design With Conscience

Design, craft, and enterprise